Part 2: Build an Integration with the Aiven API Description

This is the continuation of the Postman workshop that started in the morning. You can do anything with APIs! In this workshop, create your own API workflow in Postman. This is a hands-on introduction to Aiven's public API. Explore various endpoints, develop and execute a sequence of API calls, and automate and monitor your integration. See what's new in Postman while doing it all. BYOD: Bring your own device. And also a Postman, and an Aiven (trial) account.

Arlémi Turpault avatar

Arlémi Turpault

Senior Developer Advocate at Postman

Arlemi Turpault is the head of developer advocacy at Postman, an API platform used by 20M+ people around the world. He started his career as a software engineer doing research and development for Augmented Reality solutions, then naturally turned to developer relations as a deep advocate for great user experiences and access to knowledge. Based in London (UK), and when not interacting with other community members, he can be found reading fantasy books or pretending to be a guitar hero on Rocksmith.

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