Kafka Office Hours by Axual

Questions about Kafka or Axual? Want to learn best practices on how to scale Kafka? Struggling with data governance and security for Kafka? Stop by, grab a donut, watch a demo of Axual's event streaming platform and get feedback on your use cases from our Kafka experts.

Richard Bosch avatar

Richard Bosch

Developer Advocate at Axual

Richard enjoys helping people to understand event streaming, as well as developing software. Originally trained as an embedded software engineer with a preference for integration, he soon moved into technical software engineering and integration. He has worked on different types of projects such as the ground stations for the Galileo satellites, public transport vehicle information systems and business process management automation before joining Axual in the event streaming world. At Axual he has been active as a developer, architect, tech lead and trainer and now as a Developer Advocate. In his spare time you can often find Richard and his camera at air shows or at the airport.

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