Building For Fast

ClickHouse is known for being fast. Fast at ingesting data. Fast at querying data. But how do we achieve this? Is a slower release a major regression? Or just something to be concerned about? How does the ClickHouse engineering team think about performance? In this talk, Alexey will share a bit of the 'internals' of ClickHouse. How we engineer for performance, why we ask for external benchmarks, performance testing in CI pipeline, etc. To build a fast database, you need a vision, a team, and process. We will discuss all 3 of these.

Alexey Milovidov avatar

Alexey Milovidov

CTO at ClickHouse

Alexey Milovidov is the original creator, co-founder and CTO of ClickHouse. He started work on ClickHouse in 2009 and initiated its release to open-source in 2016. Based in Amsterdam, he leads the strategy & direction of the ClickHouse open source project at ClickHouse, Inc.

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