Apache Flink - Only SQL

Customers and companies are becoming more digital and the amount of available data is growing everyday. Traditionally, data engineers were needed to implement business logic via data pipelines before business users can start using it. In this talk, I will explain how data analysts and non-engineers can use only Flink SQL to explore and transform data into insights and actions, without writing any Java, Scala or Python code. This includes: * Exploring data sources, such as a realtime clickstream and a table with historical clickstream results * Displaying a fraud detection notification based on the customers clickstream pattern * Combining multiple data sources to display actionable insights on your website

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Martijn Visser

Product Manager Immerok and Committer for Apache Flink

Martijn Visser is Product Manager at Immerok and Committer for the Apache Flink project. He works primarily with the community on user facing features such as the Table/SQL and DataStream API, connectors, and formats. Prior to joining Immerok, he worked as Product Manager at Ververica where he was responsible for product development on Apache Flink and Ververica Platform.

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