OTel Me About OpenTelemetry

OpenTelemetry is an open-source and vendor-agnostic project set on democratizing instrumentation and data collection of telemetry signals. Telemetry data is critical in solving both availability and performance issues, especially in distributed, polyglot architectures. Unfortunately, telemetry data has often been proprietary, at least when it comes to ease of use or combining different signals. OpenTelemetry looks to solve this problem by offering flexibility and choice combined with an open-standards approach. The project is extensible and offers support for a variety of open-source and commercial back-ends. In this session, you will learn about the components of OpenTelemetry and how you can get started.

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Steve Flanders

Director of Engineering, Splunk

Steve Flanders is a Senior Director of Engineering at Splunk responsible for Observability “Getting Data In”, which includes contributions to the CNCF OpenTelemetry open-source project. Previously, he was the Head of Product and Experience at Omnition, which was acquired by Splunk. Prior to Omnition, he was the Global Engineering Manager for log analytics and data collection at VMware.

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