Building a real-time analytics dashboard with Streamlit, Apache Pinot, and Apache Kafka

In this session we will learn how to build our own real-time analytics application on top of a streaming data source using Apache Kafka, Apache Pinot, and Streamlit. Kafka is the de facto standard for real-time event streaming, Pinot is an OLAP database designed for ultra low latency analytics, and Streamlit is a Python based tool that makes it super easy to build data based apps. After introducing each of these tools, we’ll stream data into Kafka using its Python client, ingest that data into a Pinot real-time table, and write some basic queries using Pinot’s Python SDK. Once we’ve done that, we’ll bring everything together with an auto refreshing Streamlit dashboard so that we can see changes to the data as they happen. There will be lots of graphs and other visualisations!

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Karin Wolok

Person who does things at places with people

Karin is currently the leading developer community programming in the Developer Relations team at StarTree, a start-up founded by the original creators of Apache Pinot. Karin initially began her career in entertainment marketing working with the likes of names like Eminem and Live Nation.  She also launched a successful professional women's network in two major cities in the U.S., organized events for her local Data Science meetup, and helped lead a on-going hackathon to put machine learning in the hands of cancer biologists. Her journey working in data eventually let her to a position as Program Manager for Community Development for the leading graph database in the world, Neo4j. Most recently, she was brought on to StarTree to improve the adoption and success of the overall developer community.

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Mark Needham

Developer Relations Engineer at StarTree

Mark Needham is an Apache Pinot advocate and developer relations engineer at StarTree. As a developer relations engineer, Mark helps users learn how to use Apache Pinot to build their real-time user-facing analytics applications. He also does developer experience, simplifying the getting started experience by making product tweaks and improvements to the documentation.

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