Load test all the things with Grafana k6

Grafana k6 is a developer-centric and open-source load testing tool built for making performance testing a productive and enjoyable experience. k6 makes it easy to catch performance regression and problems earlier, allowing you to build resilient systems and robust applications. During this talk, you will learn (in a very practical way) everything you need to start testing all the pieces that compose your complex software systems, from microservices APIs to all kinds of Databases, Queues, and other critical components.

Daniel González Lopes avatar

Daniel González Lopes

Site Reliability Engineer at k6.io (Grafana company)

Daniel is a Site Reliability Engineer at k6.io (Grafana Company). He’s especially interested in observability, distributed systems, and open source. Also, he helps maintain Grafana Tempo, an easy-to-use, high-scale distributed tracing backend.

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