An introduction to Benthos

As they grow, companies continue to produce and ingest more and more data in the form of events, instrumentation and logs, but all too often just collect it in a central data store for analysis after the fact - if at all. Frequently this requires long ETL processes, combining disparate data sets for context missing at run-time, and slow ad-hoc queries. In this talk, I will give an introduction to Benthos - which promises "fancy stream processing made operationally mundane" - and present some effective, configuration-centric techniques to not only improve your real-time processing efforts, but to derive more business value from your data flows.

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Christopher Hoult

Principal Software Engineer

An American transplant to the UK, Christopher is a Principal Software Engineer, specialising in highly scalable web services. With experience at Datto, the leading business continuity and disaster recovery specialists, and as an Engineering Team Lead at DataSift, processing social media data from Twitter, Facebook and more at the firehose scale, he has a variety of hands-on experience with different data sources over his nearly two decades in the industry.

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