OpenSearch, Vespa or ClickHouse: Building a Future-Proof Serving Layer

I have been working with Elasticsearch since its dawn, started over 10 years ago with version 0.12, and saw Elasticsearch becoming the de-facto standard technology for search, monitoring and log analytics. Today, OpenSearch (fka Elasticsearch) is widely used as a serving layer for websites and applications; for workloads of search, faceting, simple analytics, and more. Like every technology, OpenSearch has its own shortcomings you have to avoid to implement it successfully. As new modern technologies emerge, they may be more suited for some use-cases then good old Elasticsearch / OpenSearch. This session is about two of those technologies I consider the most prominent – ClickHouse and Vespa. In this talk we will walk through the common use-cases where Elasticsearch is used, give a quick technical introduction to Vespa and ClickHouse, and discuss the use-cases they excel in, and when you should consider. And of course - their shortcomings as well.

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Itamar Syn-Hershko

CTO & Founder of BigData Boutique

My passion is building innovative, scalable, and stable data platfoms for companies that make the world a better place. I spent the last decade or so building data platforms at scale, and then worked as a consultant and helped startups and large enterprises globally to do the same. Today as the CTO of BigData Boutique I lead a team of expert Big Data consultants and together we work hands-on with our customers to improve their journey in the data worlds, while leveraging a plethora of methodologies and technologies.

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