Keynote: Underpinning the pillars of security with Zero Trust to protect data

Never before has our data faced more threats than it does today. Protecting our data is the pathway to privacy, decency and compliance with data laws. But what are the risks to our data? How can we protect our data? This talk will identify the security risks to our data and explore how a zero trust approach can mitigate the risks to the data and provide better protection. By the end of this talk, you will understand how the individual pillars of security affect our data and how a zero trust mindset can provide the foundation for these pillars. You will also learn how to reduce the complexity of implementing a zero trust approach to provide a better and more consistent security model.

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Rob Barnes

Senior Developer Advocate at HashiCorp

Robert, also known as DevOps Rob, is a Senior Developer Advocate at HashiCorp. His focus is primarily on Cloud security. He comes from a Network engineering background and more recently in his career, he has been working as a Cloud Consultant, helping customers extract maximum value from the Cloud. His experience spans across multiple sectors, from Banking and Fintech to Transport, Charities and Cyber Security. He is a strong advocate for open source, security best practices and building diverse Communities.

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